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Hi Aussie Windows Phone lovers. This is meant to be the BEST opal app for windows phone.

Why ? because it will be made by the community !!! If you have any idea, requests, bug reports or even better if you want to do a pull request just do it.

Let's make it awesome.




list of issues / features to be added / bugs



- change the tile to show a larger text (current balance for the default card)

- At settings page create a drop down list to set when the background task to update the tile will be run (frequency)

                 1- don't update the tile

                 2- half an hour

                 3- one hour

                 4- four hours

                 5- six hours

- if selected any option apart from option 1 it should also fade in a checkbox to optionally update the tile when get connected into a wifi network

- it needs another background task to accommodate the previous feature (checkbox)

- needs another option for expenses that would be "this week" and it would show a line graph with all the trips and costs for the current week

- the code to show the tile is redundant it need to be re-factored 


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